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Our Story

Founded in 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis that affected so many companies in this industry, Ni2 Construction found its niche thriving in the high end residential market. In this buyers’ market, many people unaffected by the financial status of our country began to find great properties in good neighborhoods in need of mayor updating. The principal’s knowledge in real estate development made it easy to demonstrate to clients the benefits of adding square footage to their properties in order to increase their value in perfect proportion to their surrounding areas. Many older homes could be acquired in areas where the neighborhood has overgrown older, smaller homes. The price per square foot these neighborhoods now carried placed these properties at a very low price for the area. With this fact in mind, Cesar approached the owners with a plan to invest in adding square feet to their properties while only spending just enough the current adjusted market value of the property.  In today’s market, these homes have increased in value at least seventy percent from the time that they purchased them.


          Parallel to this, Cesar was thriving in his architectural career focused in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry became a great business for real estate developers during the recession due to the fact that banks where still lending for this use being that the demand for hospitality oriented development was still high, especially in Miami.


          Both Architect and Contractor, Cesar’s interest in real estate development was rewarded by the development management of multiple hospitality projects, all while keeping to his love of high end residential alive with several custom home projects.


          Our philosophy is to have the projects we commit to be a good fit for our company, not our company become the best fit for the project. For us, this ensures the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our clients.  

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